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New two-storied brown cottage with built-in garage.Welcome to Garage Door Masters LLC. Based in Brick NJ, we are the specialists that deliver the leading garage door services in the area. Whenever your garage door is not working, or it has a problem with the opening mechanism, we are the company that will take care of you. Our business was established in 2012, and ever since we have been providing professional garage door solutions to our respected clients. We never make compromises with quality, so you can be sure that every result we deliver will be durable and long lasting.

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Garage Door Masters LLC is not your ordinary Brick NJ garage door supplier. We are specialists who care about our clients, and this is why we are always making an extra effort. From garage door repairs, to complete installations we will do it all! Sometimes doors can be damaged so much, they won’t even budge. Luckily for you, our professional garage door opener will be able to resolve the issue without hesitation. Very often, people hire freelancers in order to reduce the cost of a professional service, but in the end they call us to fix what was damaged by the amateur technician.

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Our garage door company is very dedicated to quality, this is why all of our services areGarage performed with top grade materials and equipment. Prior to any repair or installation service, our company specialists will perform a thorough inspection in order to determine the problem. After proper evaluation, our experienced and qualified specialists will commence in delivering the results you need. Our company operates at competitive and affordable rates, thus you don’t need to worry about your check book!


  •  garage door inspections
  •  garage door repairs
  •  complete garage door installation
  •  mechanism maintenance
  •  and more!

by Taylor T. on Garage Door Masters LLC

My garage door had a broken part, which did not allow me to fully open it. I called Garage Door Masters LLC, in order to see if there was anything they could... Read more reviews